18th of June 2024

  • Finalizing the first draft and release of the Cache Pattern chapter.

16th of June 2024

  • Updated a big part of the Cache pattern chapter.

28th of May 2024

  • Started with the first pattern called Cache.

14th of May 2024

16th of April 2024

2nd / 9th of April 2024

27th of February 2024

20th of February 2024

  • Finalizing the first draft of the orchestration chapter, focusing on Python frameworks and underlying patterns.

15th of February 2024

  • I updated the chapter orchestration chapter with Bash, Stored Procedure, and Python-Script, and added a fourth term to compare among the others: Traditional ETL tools, which completes this chapter for the history of orchestration.

8th of February 2024

  • Added commentary feature to chat/discuss with fellow writers. Check, for example, Feedback.

5th of February 2024

  • I added a subscription to buy parts two and three of the book. This was a hard decision for me, as I want to share everything I write with you all. But I also had to admit that I spent a lot of time distilling all my free resources into this one condensed book.
  • If you find this book valuable, the small amount is, in my mind, justified to get the latest up-to-date content in data engineering. I'm sorry if you are disappointed. It's also a way to spend more time on this book and writing in general. Check out the subscription page for more information.
  • I updated the copyright and legal notice and privacy policy to reflect the technology used for managing members.

24th of January 2024

20th of January 2024

31st of December 2023

12th of December 2023

7th of December 2023

6th of December 2023

  • 🚨 Go live without announcements. Checking if everything is working putting up some pressure ;)
  • I added up to 60 new terms to the Data Engineering Vault that link out from this book.

5th of December 2023

16th of November 2023

2nd of November 2023

31st of October 2023

19th/29th of October 2023

26th of September 2023

  • Re-structure the TOC for the 5th time, but this time it feels right. I am preparing to release the first version.

24th of April 2023

  • buying of domain
  • uploading Skeleton without content

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Technical (Web Site)

20th of February 2024

  • I added a frontmatter parser to add a feature image to the frontmatter and description for each chapter, making it nicer to share online.

17th of February 2024

  • Upgraded mdBook to latest v0.4.37 version which includes my PR fixing input in forms.

21st of December 2023

  • I added RSS-Feed. But be aware that dates are always updated with the latest build, not when content changes (might be very verbose). Will check later if I can optimize it. The code is here and mdBook-issue.

11th of November 2023

  • added two themes by request of my daughters. Pink Rose and Tokyo Night. Looking really good. I also removed redundant themes.

21st of June 2023

5th March 2023

  • Setting up website and framework with mdBook
  • Adding custom Theme Kanagawa


  • Thanks, Karim for the disclaimer inspiration ;) and generally a good starting point structure for me to start with too. Check out his book on Data With Rust.
  • Thanks, Bartosz Bednarowicz, for highlighting the Data Transformation Services (DTS) tool used in early 1998 for Traditional ETL Tools.
  • Thanks to Jeffrey for pointing out the missing Hadoop orchestration tools, such as Luigi, Oozie, and Azkaban, in the orchestration chapter.